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Barbara Milani Bean
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040 558 3956

Catalysis for controlled polymerization

 Nowadays, single-site metal catalyzed polymerization represents a powerful tool for the controlled, environmentally friendly, synthesis of new and old polymeric materials.

The main research topic of Prof. Barbara Milani deals with the development of homogeneous catalysts for polymerization. Two polymerization reactions are currently under investigation:

1.     Ethylene/polar vinyl monomer copolymerization

2.    CO/vinyl arene copolymerization

These two reactions share the catalysts that are based on palladium(II) complexes with nitrogen-donor ligands.

1. The synthesis of ethylene/polar monomer copolymers via the homogeneously catalyzed, direct copolymerization of the two comonomers represents one of the major unsolved problem in the field of polymer chemistry. The aim of this research is focused on the discovery of a catalyst able to efficiently carry out the reaction under mild conditions of temperature and pressure, leading to the copolymer with a content of the polar monomer of at least 20 % and with the polar monomer inserted into the main polymer chain.

2. Prof. Milani has a consolidate, nationally and internationally recognized experience in the development of homogeneous catalysts for the controlled synthesis of CO/vinyl arene polyketones through the direct copolymerization of the two comonomers. Two major issues have been and are currently addressed: catalyst stability and polymer stereochemistry.

 The research activity of Prof. Milani is internationally recognized as demonstrated by the fact she is the coordinator of Working Group 2 “COx activation” inside the COST Action CM1205 – CARISMA.

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10%budget ricerca - Abdel Hady Karim - Chimica XXXVII (PON) Research projects - Scientific Actor; Active
Iron Based Coordination Copolymerizations: an Adventure in Deserted Land Research projects - Scientific Actor; Active
Finanziamento Progetto “Catalysts and process for olefins and polar vinyl monomers copolymerization and olefins homopolymerization” bando PoC 2024 Research projects - Scientific Actor; Active
Attività routinarie di analisi consistenti in spettri NMR del protone e di altri nuclei Research projects - Scientific Actor; Active
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