Geremia Silvano

Silvano Geremia
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040 558 3936

Born in Portogruaro (VE) November 1, 1963; 1988 Degree in Chemistry (Trieste); 1992 PhD in Chemical Sciences (Ferrara/Venice/Trieste); 1992-1993 Synchrotron Trieste ScpA grant, stages University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Prof. H. Burzlaf and synchrotron DESY-Hamburg, Orsay-Paris and ESRF-Grenoble; 1994 Assistant Professor in Inorganic Chemistry (Ancona); 1996 Assistant Professor in Inorganic Chemistry (Trieste); 1998 Academic Visitor University of Oxford (England) Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics Department of Biochemistry, Prof. Dame Louise Johnson; 2002 Associate Professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry (Trieste); 2011 Member of the Commission responsible for drafting the new UniTS Statute; 2012 member of the Administrative Council of the University College for Sciences “L. Fonda”; 2012 Head of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences; 2012 Member of the Academic Senate of UniTS; S. Geremia coordinates the Center of Excellence in Biocrystallography (CEB) and he is member of the Doctorate in Chemistry; He is involved in various research projects; He was supervisor of 6 PhD thesis and several Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis. He serves as a referee of several international journals and valuator of research projects; He is co-author of about 180 works published in refereed international journals awith high impact factor (H-index = 37). He has extensive experience in crystallography and his research is focused on structural studies on supramolecular and protein systems. He performed his experiments using synchrotron radiation at various laboratories: SRS (Daresbury, UK), LURE (Orsay, F), ESRF (Grenoble, F), HASYLAB (Hamburg, D), Elettra (Trieste, I).

Associate professor
General and Inorganic Chemistry
Boards of Studies - Member
Doctoral Studies Boards - Member
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Programme Description Position
Chemistry.teachers Boards of Studies - Member
PHD03 - CHEMISTRY - CYCLE XXIX Doctoral Studies Boards - Member
PHD03 - CHEMISTRY - CYCLE XXX Doctoral Studies Boards - Member
PHD03 - CHEMISTRY - CYCLE XXXI Doctoral Studies Boards - Member
Pharmacy.teachers Boards of Studies - Member
PHD03 - CHEMISTRY - CYCLE XXXII Doctoral Studies Boards - Member
PHD03 - CHEMISTRY - CYCLE XXXIII Doctoral Studies Boards - Member
PHD03 - CHEMISTRY - CYCLE XXXIV Doctoral Studies Boards - Member


Research Project Position Status of Research Project
Supporto tecnico-scientifico per caratterizzazioni di cristalli presenti in formulazioni aminoacidiche Research projects - Participant; Closed
“Understanding the role of RecQ4 in cancer development and progression” Research projects - Scientific Actor; Active
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