Volatile Organic Compounds in environmental assessment, clinical diagnosis and quality of life

The VOCs group develops methodologies and instrumentation for characterization, reactivity study, environmental fate modeling, removal technologies for volatile organic compound,
• Mapping pollutant VOCs in ambient air and for human exposure assessment in the vicinity of storage and processing plants of fossil fuels and solid biomasses;
• Developing methods for screening of biomarker VOCs in breath as diagnostics of human diseases , metabolic disorders , exposure to pollutants;
• Studying low odor threshold VOCs in the case of odorous impacts, and evaluating interactions between odors and nebulised solutions;
• analysing phytogenic VOCs and characterizing aromas of food products.
Active and passive samplers, online analysis, speciation studies with thermal desorption-gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric systems, chemoresistive sensor systems and dynamic olfactometry are applied.

Research Group

VOCs Group
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