Valorization of renewable biomasses for production of chemicals and energy

a) Enzymatic synthesis of biodiesel from coffee waste: Immobilized lipases catalyze the synthesis of biodiesel starting from residual oils contained in spent coffee ground. The enzymatic process allows for reduction of by-products and energy costs, as well as recycling of the bio-catalyst. (collaboration with illycaffè S.p.A.)

b) By combining robust immobilized biocatalysts with thin-film reactors, the study has led to enzymatic synthesis of renewable polyesters, validated at pilot plant. Currently we are studying polycondensation of unsaturated monomers since biocatalysis allows to control the architecture of polyesters and to use these unstable functionalized monomers.

c) We are exploring a number of renewable materials as matrix for immobilizing biocatalysts, thus replacing acrylic and styrenic resins. Methods for derivatization and formulation of agro-food residues are investigated.

Last update: 08-12-2022 - 19:50