Sistemi integrati per il controllo dell'inquinamento marino

Environmental Heterogeneous Catalysis and Nanomaterials

The research group has been working since a long time on innovative catalytic systems for the abatement of the automotive exhausts, using nanostructured CeO2-ZrO2 mixed oxides as oxygen storage promoters in the automotive three-way catalysts. The research has been performed in co-operation with leading industries such as Magneti Marelli (FIAT Holding) and MEL Chemicals. Our interest in the Environmental catalysis has been focussed in the last years on the problems concerning the abatement of the emissions from ships: the group has been  part of the ECOMOS project supported by Fincantieri S.p.A., whereas co-operation with CETENA S.p.A. and  Wartsila Italia S.p.A. have been carried out. The objective of this research is to develop integrated catalyst/scrubber technologies for NOx, CO, HC, PM and SOx abatement using a micro-plant equipped with a diesel engine.


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