Avviso di Seminario: Emiliano Fonda - "X-ray absorption spectroscopy for nano materials at SAMBA" - Edificio C11, Sala del Consiglio (1° piano)

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02/12/2015 - 15:30
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02/12/2015 - 16:30
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Dott. Emiliano Fonda
SAMBA beamline, Synchrotron SOLEIL, Gif sur Yvette (France)


X-ray absorption spectroscopy for nano materials at SAMBA


Synchrotron SOLEIL is the third generation French national light source, it started users’ operations in 2006 and it delivers radiation from IR to hard X-rays to 25 beam lines, often counting several experimental stations each. SAMBA has been designed as the main hard X-ray absorption beam line of SOLEIL. In 2014, our group has given birth to a new beam line: ROCK, specifically designed for time dependent studies and based on a monochromator concept tested on SAMBA. After tracing the portrait of the two spectrometers and their capabilities, I will present three examples of collaborative research developed at SAMBA in the fields of nanomaterials. CoxNiy embedded epitaxial nanowires in CeO2 are a first example of ultrathin nanowires growing through self-assembling and perpendicular to the substrate plane. The obtained wires have sizes between 2 and 7 nm in width while length can be as large as 100-300nm. The polarization dependence of x-rays can be used to study structurally anisotropic objects. I will show how it can be used to highlight the atomic structure of model catalysts when combined with grazing incidence geometry to study NiO islands on well-defined alumina surfaces. Non-noble metals oxygen reduction catalysts are a rich field of research to boost the spread of low cost fuel cells, I will discuss a recent breakthrough obtained by a SAMBA@SOLEIL – CNRS collaboration in the determination of the site of Fe in nitrogen doped graphene like catalysts.


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